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Refsee is an AI-powered video search and toolkit trusted by many video industry professionals across the globe.
Refsee lets users search for references across 1.5 million scenes from ads, clips, and movies. With advanced neural network-based search capabilities, users can explore content based on objects, characters, actions, moods, shapes, styles, and more — almost everything that can be imagined.
In addition to its powerful search functionality, Refsee offers a toolkit that empowers creators to harness the potential of AI. With features such as generating images based on references, scripting assistance, and creating sketches for storyboards, Refsee supports the creative process and helps bring ideas to life.
Clients of Refsee include Warner Bros. Discovery, Artlist, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, and others.


Discover the perfect Refsee subscription for your needs. Our flexible pricing plans are designed to accommodate the unique demands of individuals and businesses alike. Whether you're just starting out or scaling up, we have a plan that fits.

Plus – perfect choice for those who are constantly working with idea searches and preparing presentations for clients. This plan includes all the necessary tools to help you showcase any creative idea to its fullest advantage.

Pro – plan is for those who want to achieve maximum efficiency from the most refined content search. It's a good choice for small production studios and advertising agencies.

Refsee Plans


The exclusive method of payment on our website is through a subscription model. This streamlined approach ensures continuous access to our services and features without the need for repeated manual transactions. By subscribing, you gain uninterrupted entry to all the resources and updates, ensuring that your experience with our site is always current and efficient.


Our service makes it easy to search for what you need. You can find everything from commercials and movies to motion graphics, all with a simple search by title. It's straightforward and fast.

Refsee Search Categories

Search Styles

Our service offers a variety of search styles to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a visual-driven approach or a text-based search, we have you covered. For Pro plan subscribers, we've taken it a step further by introducing voice search capabilities, allowing you to find content simply by speaking. Additionally, you have the flexibility to switch between 'look & feel' options: choose 'commercial' for a more direct, advertisement-style search, or 'cinematic' for a broader, film-inspired exploration. This customization ensures that you can search in a way that best matches your project's requirements.


In our search bar, you'll find helpful suggestions as you type, guiding you to potential ideas and saving you time. Plus, there's a convenient feature that keeps track of your recent searches and images, making it easy to revisit previous queries or visuals with just a click. This seamless integration of suggestions and search history streamlines your experience, allowing for effortless navigation and discovery.

Refsee Suggestions

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Refsee Suggestions

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AI Image Generation plus

Once you've found the image or reference you need, our service offers a unique feature on the image page itself: the ability to generate a new reference based on the one you've discovered. This powerful tool uses the elements of your selected image to create related visuals, helping you to expand your ideas and find even more tailored content. It's an innovative way to build upon your initial find and enrich your project with fresh, inspired references.

Crop Blacks plus

If the image you've chosen has black borders, you can remove them with just one click. Our service includes an easy-to-use button that quickly trims away any unwanted edges, giving you a cleaner look for your reference image instantly.

Similar Images plus

For our Plus and Pro plan members, the most crucial feature of our product is available – similar references. This key functionality allows you to discover visuals that closely match the style or theme of your chosen reference, enhancing your ability to find the perfect imagery for your project.

Refsee Likes

Search by Image plus

For our Pro and Plus subscribers, we offer the innovative feature of search by image. This allows you to find references not by text, but by using an image itself. Simply upload a picture, and our system will provide you with similar images, helping you to locate the perfect visual references for your needs.

Refsee Likes


You have the option to 'like' any references that catch your eye, and these will be automatically added to your personal collection. This feature makes it easy to keep track of your favorite visuals and organize them for future use.

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Moodboards plus

You can create moodboards and group your references into a unified theme, which is a great way to organize your ideas and visual concepts. For Pro plan users, there's an added benefit: you can search for similar videos to include in your moodboard, giving you even more dynamic content to express your vision.

Public Moodboards plus

You can easily share your moodboards with friends and colleagues, making collaboration and feedback a seamless part of your creative process. Whether you're working on a project together or just looking for input, sharing your moodboards is just a click away.

GIF-Maker plus

One of the coolest features available to both Plus and Pro users is the GIF Maker. This tool allows you to create a GIF from any scene in a video clip with just a few clicks. It's a quick and fun way to capture and share moments without needing any complex editing software.

Search Filters plus

If you require a more refined content search, you can take advantage of our results filters. These filters allow you to narrow down your search by color, duration, format, gender, and much more, giving you the precision to find exactly what you're looking for with ease.


You have the option to add a description in your Profile section, which allows colleagues from around the world to get to know you better. By sharing a bit about yourself, your skills, and your interests, you can connect with the global community on a more personal level.

Refsee Search Categories


Invite friends using your personalized Invite link, and enjoy a free month of service for each friend who purchases a subscription. It's our way of saying 'thank you' for spreading the word and growing our community.

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Dark Theme

We care about your eyes, especially knowing that creatives often work into the night. That's why we've implemented a dark theme option to reduce screen glare and make those late hours a little easier on your eyes.

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